Song Review: Catfish and the Bottlemen – Soundcheck

After the almighty debut album “The Balcony”, the explosive four piece have hit back with their brand new single, “Soundcheck”.

At first glance the songs seems to carry no notable points of interest and just sounds like an album filler. The track opens with Johnny Bond’s palm-muted, chugging guitar chords and Van McCann’s low subtle vocals.It’s easy to be fooled into thinking this song would carry such characteristics found on tracks from their previous album that earned them commercial success, such as “Homesick” and “Tyrants”. The comparatively quiet and driven introduction lures the listener in and creates a sense that this will be another stereotypically epic track from the Llandudno foursome.

However, the attempts to get this song moving never really get started. The song hits into the chorus from the pre-chorus and sounds stagnant. The heavy guitar chords seem to move nowhere as McCann’s lyrics make the most of a disappointing climax to the first part of the song.

‘This is a disappointing follow up to what was an unbelievable debut album.’

The track jumps straight back into the verse and doesn’t change, it’s the same boring guitar chords followed by the same fills. By this point the song is giving off a feeling of déjà vu, and we are barely a minute through. We reach the same pre-chorus as the first time round and the build up still seems as forced as ever.

After the second chorus there is a small breakdown. This creates an anticipating atmosphere as we expect something epic is about to happen. Unfortunately the crescendo only leads to a solo that feels like it has been taken straight out of Paramore’s “Decode”. This solo leads back into the chorus where we are met with the ever dull melodies of this track.

This is a disappointing follow up to what was an unbelievable debut album. Hopefully the upcoming second album will have more to offer than what has been heard on this 4 minute piece of boredom.



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